UXLibsVI Workshops

We are excited to reveal the content of this year’s interactive conference workshops which, as ever, will be led by a talented range of facilitators curated from around the world. Nearer the time attendees will  choose to attend two of the six workshops detailed below.

Note: These workshops take place during the conference, are included in the conference fee, and are separate to the two pre-conference workshops led by Andy Priestner and Magalie Le Gall/Maud Puaud.

Dr Arun Verma – Integrating intersectionality: Re-imagining Journeys, Places and SpacesHow can we utilise intersectionality to dismantle individual and community journeys through the higher education system and develop a programme of interventions that prevent racial inequality, with a focus on tackling anti-blackness?Marie Engberg Eiriksson – From Accessibility to Universal DesignHow Universal Design can be interpreted in a library context: exploring the barriers in libraries faced by persons living with sensory, mental or physical disabilities and how we can build universally equal library services.Natasha den Dekker – Pandemic Palaver: Agile User ExperienceApplying UX research and design techniques to explore a pandemic-style situation. You will learn how to operate in an ‘agile’ way as well as how to utilise different types of UX methodologies. David Clover – Mapping UX in Organisational CultureMapping both current and desired culture in relation to how well UX is embedded in services, based on Johnson and Scholes elements of culture and the Cultural Web. How can change be implemented to embed UX within the culture of the organisation?Ange Fitzpatrick – Sorry. Not Sorry: Identifying, Quantifying, and Revolutionising Damaging Workplace CulturesUtilising UX, EQ and design thinking techniques to assess the culture of organisations, departments, and teams. How to recognise positive cultures in other industries, import them into your workplace and  identify those areas that are ripe for change.Luis Moßburger – Getting the Message Across: Data Visualisation for BeginnersExploring the basics of data visualisation: how to decide on the right data to visualise and the appropriate visualisation form, with best and worst practice examples. You will learn how to use visualisations to generate impact with presentations.