UXLibs 2023

The 7th annual international User Experience in Libraries conference, or UXLibs7 for short, will take place on 6 to 8 June 2023 in Brighton at the University of Sussex and is open to academic and public library staff from all over the world.

Once again, we are seeking to create an event that is truly inspiring and challenging, and which celebrates and advocates for UX Research & Design work in libraries.

UXLibs is different to most other library conferences because it is:

  • truly international: in 2022 delegates attended from 18 different countries as far afield as Canada, Mexico & South Africa;
  • highly interactive: seeking to challenge and inspire delegates through individual, team and workshop activities;
  • friendly and informal: we believe attendees will learn and share more if they feel welcome and relaxed.

The 2023 theme will be ‘Connections & Collaborations’. We will be encouraging attendees to think about how they connect and collaborate with others both inside and outside of libraries when engaged in User Experience work:

  • How might we collaborate in order to make our services more useful, usable and desirable to our users?
  • How might we work with specific user groups to establish and co-create more relevant and inclusive library services?
  • How might we forge connections with external groups or individuals in order to improve both our processes and results?

We will be putting out a call for delegate paper presenters in November 2022 and booking will open in 2023.

You can read reviews of, and papers from, our previous conferences on our past conferences page.
A 2022 Yearbook is also in production – more news on that when we have it.

Also check us out Twitter @UXLibs and follow the #uxlibs hashtag.

All the best,

Andy, Bryony, Andrew
The UX in Libraries Committee