UXLibsVI Workshops

We are excited to reveal the content of this year’s interactive conference workshops which, as ever, will be led by a talented range of facilitators curated from around the world. Nearer the time attendees will  choose to attend two of the six workshops detailed below.

Note: These workshops take place during the conference, are included in the conference fee, and are separate to the two pre-conference workshops led by Andy Priestner and Magalie Le Gall/Maud Puaud.

Workshop 1: From Accessibility to Universal Design: equality in access
Workshop Leader:
Marie Engberg Eiriksson (Denmark)
Description: Marie’s workshop will cover the basic ideas of Universal Design and how these can be interpreted in a library context. Attendees will explore the barriers in libraries faced by persons living with sensory, mental or physical disabilities and leave with ideas and tools to take steps towards a universally equal library service.
About Marie: Marie Engberg Eiriksson is a librarian at heart. She has worked in public libraries for the last ten years, with accessible library services and communication. She is Information Coordinator of IFLA Library Services to People with Special Needs and a board member at accessible formats publishing house NDL. She writes and presents on accessible library services/formats and is studying for a masters in Universal Design and Accessibility while also working as a freelance library consultant. She co-created the crowdsourced travel guide to libraries: LibraryPlanet.

Workshop 2: Gamestorming (your) culture
Workshop Leader:
Victor Alfson (Sweden)
Description: Victor’s workshop will use games to help attendees visualise organisational culture, prompting the unlocking of new thoughts, directions and perspectives. The games will help those present to move beyond the clichés and the superficial when trying to identify the cultural pros and cons of their organisations.
About Victor: Curiosity might kill a cat, but what else should you use nine lives for? A librarian at Stockholm City Library who loves to experiment with UX methodology, whether it’s using VR to theoretically rebuild a library or employing board games to discover user needs. Currently trying his hand at facilitating UX as deputy manager in the north-western boroughs of Stockholm.

Workshop 3: Sorry. Not Sorry: identifying, quantifying, and revolutionising crappy workplace cultures
Workshop Leader:
Ange Fitzpatrick (UK)
Description: Ange’s workshop will guide attendees in utilising UX, EQ and design thinking techniques to assess the culture of organisations, departments, and teams.  You’ll learn how to recognise positive cultures in other industries and import them into your workplace and to identify the areas where your own workplace culture might be ripe for change.
About Ange: Ange is a whole 2cm shorter than Kylie Minogue, but she’s never let that get her down. A UXLibs vet, she has told you where lunch is, where the loos are, and now, is hoping to show you a few things about UX and organisational culture. Ange is an occasional stand-up comedian and a regular business librarian. She’s been in an ‘it’s complicated’ relationship with the University of Cambridge for most of the last millennium, so she knows a thing or two about making change happen.

Workshop 4: The Hot Air Balloon method: identifying strengths, weaknesses and other key factors in your organisation’s UX journey
Workshop Leader: Kitte Dahrén (Sweden)
Description: Kitte’s workshop, intended for people who have worked with UX for some time, will lead attendees through the ‘Hot Air Balloon’ method in order to reflect on their organisations UX journey, identifying strengths, weaknesses and external forces as well as the steps needed to reach their ‘Paradise Island’.
About Kitte: Kitte works as UX coordinator and librarian at SLU University Library, Sweden. She also coordinates the library’s strategic communication and is a part of the web development team. As team leader she makes sure that the library has a systematic approach to embed UX and bring the user’s perspective into focus for all library staff. She is passionate about workshop facilitation and nurturing a culture of co-creation. She was one of the driving forces in making UX an integral part of the library’s strategic plan for 2017-2020.

Workshop 5: UX methods for developing organisational culture
Workshop Leader:
Carl Barrow (UK)
Description: Carl’s workshop will look at which UX methodologies to use to understand and develop the culture of your organisation. Attendees will also explore how to analyse the organisational data they gather and how to deal with the sensitive and often uncomfortable information uncovered.
About Carl: As an Operations Manager at the Brynmor Jones Library, University of Hull, Carl has been responsible for customer engagement, events & exhibitions, as well as marketing & digital. The role has provided him with an opportunity to use his complementary knowledge of Library and IT Services to ensure that customers inform service design and development. He has presented at UXLibs on three previous occasions.

Workshop 6: Level Up: Using Design Thinking to advance UX maturity
Workshop Leader:
Lindsey Sprague (USA)
Description: Lindsey’s workshop will expose attendees to design thinking activities intended to help them identify and focus on the most critical barriers to advancing UX efforts in their libraries. Once the barriers are identified, attendees will ideate a variety of ways to move beyond them with a view to advancing UX maturity in their organisation.
About Lindsey: Lindsey is a Design Thinking Strategist working in the private sector for Duke Energy Corporation. She was formerly UX Librarian at the J. Murrey Atkins Library, UNC Charlotte where she coordinated a comprehensive assessment program that included quantitative, qualitative, and usability practices.