One-day sketchnote workshop in Manchester

Bookings are now open for a UX in Libraries-sponsored one-day practical sketchnote workshop which will be presented in Manchester on Tuesday 4 December, by two wonderful French librarians, Magalie Le Gall from the Sorbonne and Maud Puaud from the University of Angers.

Book your place or keep reading to find out if this is for you…

Why a sketchnoting course?

The ‘sketchnoting’ of talks and meetings is becoming increasingly popular. As a trainer/speaker I’m regularly finding that what I say, and how it fits together conceptually, is being recorded in this appealing and memorable way, and for some time now I’ve been keen to see if I can learn to sketch and record in this way myself. If you are engaged in UX work, being able to sketch is a valuable skill, especially as it often requires you  to communicate, and engage people with, new ideas and concepts. Aside from all that, sketching is cool, non?

What are the benefits of sketchnoting?

  • it’s a highly visual way of recording the ideas and key messages you hear during conference keynotes, talks and training sessions, and can help you to recall the content more easily afterwards
  • sketches can trigger more of your brain than when you just see your handwriting or printed text, helping you to understand what you have recorded more quickly
  • sketchnoting is a highly effective communication tool – your notes will be valuable to others  as a visual summary of content and key messages (other delegates, events organisers, presenters, colleagues back at work who could not attend)
  • the activity of sketchnoting uses more of your faculties and therefore keeps you more engaged and entertained during the event you are recording (great if you have a low concentration threshold or the presenter is dull!)
  • complex ideas and relationships between ideas can be simplified through sketchnotes, and you can make new conceptual connections that you would not have previously identified

Who should attend this course?

  • any library worker who wants to try out sketchnoting – the content will be pitched to beginners, you absolutely do not need to be able to draw to attend
  • all you need is your pen and your brain – actually, we’re providing the pens too!

What is included in the course fee?

  • the fee includes the full day’s workshop, lunch and refreshments

How do I book my place?

What does sketchnoting look like?

  • Below are 2 example sketchnotes produced by Maud (one of the presenters of this course) during a UX training day I gave in Paris last year…