UXLibsIV – Sponsored place

We are very aware that the cost of a two-day UX conference might be out of reach for some library staff particularly in public libraries. This year we have decided to offer at least one sponsored delegate place in recognition of this fact. We may find that we are eventually able to offer two places but this depends on how many people book for the conference overall.

What does it cover?
The sponsored place covers attendance at both the full conference (including all lunches and the gala dinner) and the pre-conference UX techniques workshop, but excludes accommodation and travel.

How to apply
Please send an email to admin@uxlib.org titled ‘Sponsored place application’ by Friday 16 March 2018.
In the body of the email detail in 300 words or less why you wish to attend the conference and also how you hope to put your learning into action afterwards.

When will I hear if I have a place?
We will email the successful applicant(s) by the end of March 2018.

If you have any questions about sponsored places please email Andy Priestner.